Well, Easter is behind us now and hopefully everybody had a joyful and safe holiday.  Now it is time to set our sites on outdoor activities, backyard barbecue cooking and getting together with friends and family for some outdoor fun time and getting the pool ready for some summer fun.

Some of the ways to make sure your outdoor barbecue doesn’t turn out to be a disaster would be to get a thermometer like model OT-03BBQ from Maverick Industries.  This thermometer check the chamber temperature of your grill so you know when the correct time is to start cooking.  This thermometer comes with a high heat probe that can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps updating your information every 10 seconds.  This unit is an excellent way to make sure that you do not put your meat on the grill before it reaches its optimal cooking temperature.  Once you have achieved that, there are many ways to check the temperature of what you are cooking on the grill.

A few of the simplest and inexpensive ways is to either use a pocket thermometer which is used by many chefs around the world or a BBQ fork or probe.  Let me give you an example of what a fork will do for you.  The fork will take the guess work away.  It will let you check for rediness and doneness of food.  They feature 2 tines and most tines are made of stainless steel which would be the best type to purchase.  A lot of models will read in Fahrenheit and Celsius but most people, especially in the United States, will use the Fahrenheit scale.

Using a fork will help you avoid an Ecoli problem by cooking your meat at the right temperature.  Some forks even come with a light for easy nighttime grilling.  Your next choice in the same thermometer type is called a fork probe.  This type is very similar to the forks but instead of having a fork-style tine (or prongs), they are one single stainless stwel probe which basically has the same functions as the fork, but is usually stronger and can also penetrate the meat further.

Other types of barbecue thermometers, when you really want to get fancy and impress your friends, are wireless remote thermometers.  These units, depending on the model, have all different functions.  Some will have the sensor with the wire probe that insert into your food that is on the grill while the other unit which is the main unit, can be left  in the house for easy viewing and has a transmission range of about 300 feet.  Some even have a belt clip built into the main unit so you can walk around the yard and do other things while the food is cooking.  A good example of these features would come in the Maverick brand model ET-732 wireless BBQ thermometer.

Enjoy the nice weather to come and have a great summer!

Jackson Kern