Product Description

  • Instrument range: signal sounds at 15 or 46 F / -9.5 or 8C
      *  39-inch sensor cable
      *  2-way mounting; Velcro or suction
      *  Dual progress display with audio/visual alert
      *  For maintaining food-safe temperatures in refrigerators or freezers

CDN’s TA20 model refrigerator/freezer thermometer ismade of quality shatterproof ABS plastic with a 39″/1mm diameter cable. It comes with a probe that reads in F or C and with an audio/visual alarm to keep your food in a safe target range.  The alarm signals when the temperature reaches 15 deg. or 46 deg.  The unit attaches with a suction cup or velcro whichever you prefer.  This thermometer comes with a 5 yr. Limited Warranty and batteries are included.