Product Description

CDN DW428 Dishwasher Thermometer meets the highest standards of sanitation  and food safety. This multi-purpose thermometer not only measures dishwasher temperature to  ensure proper sanitation of dishes, silverware and barware, but it can also be used as a fully functional  waterproof cooking thermometer.

This dishwasher thermometer is durable, efficient and precise, streamlining the needs of  foodservice establishments. Offering temperature readings in a range of 14 to 200°F in dishwashers,  it ensures that the appropriate temperature is reached by utilizing a Max/Min feature that reads  the maximum and minimum temperature of the water during a cycle. When it is used as a cooking  thermometer, this feature can also read the maximum and minimum temperature of food by  measuring several areas of a single dish with a wide  cooking temperature range of 14 to 428°F. This food safety feature is ideal for use on food that has been  sitting under a heat lamp, at a buffet or an outdoor  event.