Product Description

LaCrosse Technology’s 13.5″ dial thermometer is a weather proof unit with a key holder in the back to store your spare key.  It hangs on a screw or nail and can be used indoors or outdoors.  The temperature range is -60 deg.F to 120 deg.F with a blue dial pointer for easy reading.  This thermometer is backedy by LaCrosse’s 2 yr. Limited Warranty.

Easy to read – Has a 13.5″ Dial

  • Weather resistant
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Patio or garden
  • Hang on screw or nail
  • Secret key hider compartment on back to store spare key
  •                 Weatherproof thermometer

Mounting location for accurate measurements: Choose a location that is not subject to direct weather elements. An ideal location is out of direct sun, on the North side of a building or in a shady spot.

Mounting on nail or screw: Hang the thermometer from a long nail or screw (not included) with the built in key hole

Secret key hider compartment: Secret key hider compartment on back of thermometer stores spare keys so you’ll never be locked out again.

2-Year Limited Warranty: La Crosse McCormick, LLC provides a 2-year limited warranty on this product against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship