Product Description

General’s Moisture Test Meter is a simple and efficient tool for detecting hidden leaks and excess moisture that can be potentially damaging to your home or shop. The highly sensitive contact probes sniff out moisture in wood, concrete, plaster and carpet while the easy to use meter indicates both relative and percentage moisture readings. The Moisture Test Meter is great for new home inspections, locating roof leaks or even selecting dry lumber at the yard. Requires one 9 volt battery.

• A great tool for inspectors, contractors and home owners.
• Detects moisture in wood, concrete, plaster, carpet and more.
o Locate and trace roof leaks.
o Assess the extent of wet rot.
o Find hidden condensation.
o Check surfaces before painting, wall papering, carpeting or tiling.
o Select dry lumber at the yard.
• Contact probes with 3ft coiled cable for testing in hard-to-reach areas.
• Dual reading scale shows relative (1-10) and percentage (10-28%) readings.
• Requires one 9 volt battery (not included).