The term “data logger” can be defined as an electronic device that over a period of time, records data from a particular location by way of a built in sensor or external sensor or instrument.  There are data loggers that can be connected to a computer via a USB connection and have information collected and printed out for analyzation as well as a data logger that stores the information it collected without the use of a computer, also known as a stand-alone device.

There are various types of applications data loggers are used for such as air travel, ships, military use, aquatic use as well as fire and water remediation work and a host of other applications.  One term that might be familiar to most people is a Black Box in an aircraft which is known as a FDR (flight data recorder) that is used for many functions on the aircraft such as airspeed, fuel consumption, electronic transmissions and many other functions to let investigators know how the aircraft was responding while in flight.  Another type of data logger is model HT20 by General Tools and Instruments Company.  This is a small inexpensive data logger which could have many different applications.  For example:  a water remediation specialist could use a data logger such as this one for flood work.  These specialists use this unit to monitor the drying process of flood jobs that might occur in a home or business atmosphere by placing the unit in the damage zone for several days, then record the temperature and humidity readings in intervals.  This information can then be uploaded to an Excel program on your computer that can provide you with charts and graphs of the complete drying process.  Some data loggers have the capability of providing information directly into your computer.

This is just one example of the many situations in which a data logger can be of use as I mentioned before in the beginning of this article.  The uses for a data logger are really quite vast.  Any situation where you need to chart the progress or the decline of your project, a data logger could be extremely effective in providing the much needed information.

Jackson Kern