Hi Folks,

There’s nothing like the pleasant aroma of chicken or beef sizzling on your outdoor BBQ grill!  This Labor Day is a perfect excuse to enjoy a favorite past time – grilling outdoors!

If you want to impress your neighbors and friends with your culinary skills, the Maverick ET-68 Rapid Read BBQ Fork is the tool to make that happen!  No more guess work with this thermometer and no more undercooked or overcooked food to spoil your event  The countup/countdown timer makes it easy to plan the rest of your meal while at the same time the ET-68 helps to avoid E.Coli bacteria by cooking the food to the right temperature.

Here are a few examples of safe cooking temperatures:

Beef Steaks (USDA)

Rare:  140F

Med-Rare:   150F

Medium:    160F

Med. Well:   170F


Whole Chicken (USDA)   180F

Burgers     (USDA)     160F

An auto-on display feature of the ET-68 is turned on automatically when food temperture reaches 113F and the F/C option is a nice addition.

Check out the Maverick ET-68 BBQ fork on our website and have a wonderful holiday!