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Happy Holidays !

Merry Christmas to all and yes, I said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If Hanukkah is what you celebrate or whatever religion or traditions you follow, we wish all a happy holiday and a safe and prosperous New Year. It has been a little while since our last article. We have been spending most

Now, What is a Thermometer Probe?

A probe for a thermometer can come in different forms.  It could be a probe that is attached right to the thermometer that is known as a pocket thermometer.  This type of temperature reading device usually comes with a stainless steel probe that measures in different lengths.  The most common type of pocket thermometers are

Let’s Cook Out!

Well, Easter is behind us now and hopefully everybody had a joyful and safe holiday.  Now it is time to set our sites on outdoor activities, backyard barbecue cooking and getting together with friends and family for some outdoor fun time and getting the pool ready for some summer fun. Some of the ways to

Why Use A Data Logger

The term "data logger" can be defined as an electronic device that over a period of time, records data from a particular location by way of a built in sensor or external sensor or instrument.  There are data loggers that can be connected to a computer via a USB connection and have information collected and

NOAA Weather Radios: A Must For the Season Ahead

With tornado season upon us, a "must have" piece of equipment to get is an NOAA weather radio.  In addition to tornados, a myriad of weather occurances such as hurricanes, earthquakes, national disasters and sunamis can render you helpless without much warning.  These radios are also handy to have in the event of a blizzard,

Medical Thermometers/ Digital Thermometers

There is an available variety of medical thermometers that vary in style and use.  Digital medical thermometers are the fastest and most accurate method of taking the internal body temperature of an adult or child Oral Thermometer The oral thermometer is the most popular medical thermometer in use today.  They are widely used in homes

Why Get A Weather Station

The technology has improved on the display information that you can get from a weather station, but one inportant aspect with all personal weather stations is that you can't predict the weather. They can tell you all about the weather that is happening now, what happened yesterday, even last year, if your system was set

The Handy and Convenient Pocket Thermometer

Hi Everyone, Today I thought I would like to talk a little bit about pocket thermometers and some of their uses. One of the tools I find very handy when I need to make sure the steak I am bar-be-cueing is just right (medium rare...that's what I prefer) is a pocket thermometer.  It's a handy

Thermometers Make Life Easier

Throughout your week you may ask yourself a variety of questions. Is the roast for tonight's dinner cooked to a safe temperature? What is the temperature outside? Will I need a jacket or just a sweatshirt? Are there cold spots in the children's bedrooms? Is the ground ready for my tomato plants? How about the

The Vesatile Panel Meter

A panel meter is a device that comes with a display and gives you a readout in either analog or digital form. These days, digital panel meters are preferred over analog meters by many. Panel meters have a number of uses, one of which is measuring water temperature. There are panel meters that will also