Great Taste at Just the Right Temperature

When preparing desserts for your hholiday festivities, you need the right tools to make your job efficient as well as easier.  When making candy or choolates, you’re going to need a thermometer.  There are two different types of thermometers that you will be interested in looking into.

The candy thermometer is used in making candy with constant temperature management.  Cooking candy at just the right temperature is vital.  If you cook the candy the least bit low or too high, that may be the difference in great quality candy and some mess that you can’t even chew through.  The dandy thermometer is offered in standard additions as well as the digital versions.  The prices will range between $10. to $40. USD.

The chocolate thermometer is usually made of glass and generally cost a little less than the traditional candy thermometer.  The chocolate thermometer is used to efficiently monitor chocolate temperatures during cooking.  Much like in the process of cooking candy, it’s critical that you maintain a certain temperature range when cooking chocolate.

The temperature of cooking chocolate should range between 80 deg.F to 115 deg.F to insure that the chocolate is not too thick or scorched. Both of these meters can usually be cleaned after being used and stored in a safe location for later use.  Temperature management throughout dessert preparation shows the difference in every taste.

More Holiday Desserts with Easy Preparation

Homemade Fudge

Fudge is a priceless holiday tradition in many households and taking the time to prepare this quick delicious delight is always appreciated by its consumers.  The ingredients needed:

*    3-4 ounces of unsweetened chocolate

*    1-1/2cup of evaporated or half and half milk

*    1 1/4 tbsp. cornsyrup

*    1/4-1/2 tsp. salt

*    2 tsp. vanilla extract (optional)

*    3 1/4 cups sugar

When preparing your fudge, you’ll want to start by using a square pan of 8-10″.  You will then want to grease your pan with butter (other personal options may be applied) or you can use waxed paper as some individuals prefer.

You’ll then mix all of the ingredients together and add it into the pan.  You will then stir until the chocolate mixture starts to boil.  Once the mixture begins to boil, you will stop stirring at this point and can use your candy thermometer to manage the temperatures.  Once the mixture reaches around 230-235 deg.F then you will want to let it sit until it reaches around 110-115 deg.F.  You will notice the texture at the top has begun to change.  This is when you have the option of adding additional features to the mix ( nuts, fruits, additional flavoring).

After you have completed any additional flavors being added, you will then pour the cooked mixture into the desired pan and allow it to cool for several hours.  This will allow the mixture to take on its desired stability/texture.  It is also important to have the mixture stored in an airtight container of some type to insure its quality upon becoming a solid.

This recipe is easy and only takes minutes to prepare before the cooling down process begins.  This fudge mix will bring a smile to all of your family/chocolate lovers and make your holiday dessert that much more desirable.

Jackson Kern