The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, or known to most as NOAA , is a government national weather service known as “NWR” broadcasting covering 50 states with 1000 transmitters.  The service is a 7day/24hr. broadcasting service.  Their purpose is to give you an early warning for such events as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and many other pending disasters.

An NOAA radio is the voice of the National Weather Service All Hazards.  Plenty of information is available including forecast of temperatures, rain, clouds, snow and wind.  Short term forecasts can predict where thunder, fog, snow or rain are expected.  Forecast of high seas and winds are handled by Marine forecasts.  Most data includes temperature and precipitation.  You can also get current weather data at most cities in the region.

Be prepared for the unexpected or fast approaching storms!  Here at we recommend if you live in a part of the country with active weather patterns, this is a”must” for every home.