There is an available variety of medical thermometers that vary in style and use.  Digital medical thermometers are the fastest and most accurate method of taking the internal body temperature of an adult or child

Oral Thermometer

The oral thermometer is the most popular medical thermometer in use today.  They are widely used in homes as well as hospitals and are available fro single “patient” use in addition to multiple uses.

Children’s Thermometer

Designed with a child in mind, a thermometer that resembles an animal such as the 426 series, Adimals by American Diagnostic Corp., can make a difference with your child’s attitude toward having their temperature taken or not.  These colorful thermometers are fun for a child and can have a calming effect on the whole experience of temperature taking.

Temple Touch Thermometer

The temple touch is great for any age or for the person who does not like to insert a thermometer in their mouth or other areas.  This unit is totally non-invasive.  You simply place the thermometer on the patient’s forehead to get a reading within seconds

Rectal Thermometer

Another type of thermometer used to take body temperature is the rectal thermometer.  This unit can be used on infants, children and adults alike when oral thermometers are not possible.  A rectal temperature reading is considered the most accurate because it represents the body’s core temperature and is less influenced by external factors such as head, air conditioning, etc.

Veterinary Thermometer

A handy “must have” tool for the veterinarian, this type of thermometer is used on all types of animals rectally.  The temperature range is different than for taking human body temperatures and gives the veterinarian a closer look at the whole picture when diagnosing an illness for an animal.

Axillary Thermometer

The under arm ( axillary) digital thermometer is another alternative to the oral thermometer.  The reading will be lower than an oral reading, but will give you an indication of the inside body temperature of the patient.  You can also use this type of thermometer on an infant or small child.

Ear Thermometer

For a fast, accurate reading of iternal body temperature, an ar thermometer like model # 421 (pictured above) by ADC is an excellent choice.  The ear drum shares its blood supply with the brain’s temperature control center to make the ear site a pefect place to measure fever.

Jackson Kern