A medical or clinical thermometer is a special instrument which is used for checking, determining, and measuring the existing temperature of a human body.  Most of the time, this is basically used in a way that the tip is inserted orally under the tongue.  This procedure is known as oral or sub-lingual procedure.  In many cases, this instrument is also inserted under a person’s armpit which is also known as axillary procedure.  Another way by which a medical thermometer can be used is through rectal insertion.

Classification of Medical Thermometers by Location

Generally, temperature is measured in many areas or locations of a human body.  These locations are usually the ones that have the ability to maintain a fair and stable temperature.  However, you have to take note that readings may vary from one to another depending on the location where the thermometer is used.

   1.  Oral

The reading is obtained through the mouth given that the patient is capable of holding the thermometer under his tongue.  People who are less likely to use this method include small children, unconscious people, coughing patients, and weak and vomiting patients.  A patient who has consumed a hot drink is allowed to drink cold liquid to allow the mouth to go back to its former or normal value.

  2.  Armpit

Here, the reading is obtained after holding the thermometer under the axillary or armpit area for a period of time.  This is usually done for several minutes to obtain an accurate measurement.

3.  Rectal

This procedure of measuring temperature is usually performed by another person if the patient is not capable of doing it.  The insertion of the thermometer in the anus is usually facilitated by applying water-based lubricant on the instrument.  It is considered as the most accurate way of using the thermometer but it can be unpleasant and embarrassing especially when the patient is older or someone who belongs to a different cultural group.  Additionally, this can be uncomfortable and painful when inserted incorrectly.

  4.  Ear

There are many different kinds of medical thermometers that exist today such as the tympanic thermometer, an instrument that renders infrared measurements.  The projection is carefully placed through the ear canal and with just a press of a button, the reading will be displayed in a short as one second.  This kind of thermometer is widely used in homes currently.

5.  Temporal Artery

This kind of medical instrument is considered as one of the newest developments.  This one is equipped with an infrared for its reading and it is highly comparable to the accuracy of readings obtained from rectal units.

6.  Forehead

Here, the band thermometer is directly applied o the brow of the patient.  It is coated with sentsitive markings that make use of plastic strips or similar technology.

These days when the flu season is upon us, it is very important to be prepared at all times.  A thermometer placed on certain areas of the body will help you determine vital readings that will help you overcome the symptoms and enjoy the goodness of life ahead.