Product Description

This 10″ atomic wall clock in a silver colored plastic frame sets your time automatically for whatever time zone you are living in with ease.. Time zone selections are in the rear of the clock.  It will update for daylight savings time automatically and keep your time accurate to the second.

FEATURES FOR LaCrosse Technology model # WT-3102S

*    10″ Plastic body
  • Atomic Time
  • Updates for DST
  •   Receiver: 10″ Diameter


All Features:

  • Atomic time with manual setting
  • Automatically sets to exact time
  • Accurate to the second
  • Automatically updates for daylight saving time (on/off option)
  • 4 time zone settings
  • Simple operation: insert 1 “AA” alkaline battery

  • Simple Operation: Insert One “AA” Alkaline Battery
  • After signal is received, press Time Zone button to set
  • Four Time Zone Settings
  • Daylight Saving Time Option On/Off
  • Manual Reset Button
  • Power requirements:
    Clock: One “AA” Alkaline Battery