Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would like to talk a little bit about pocket thermometers and some of their uses. One of the tools I find very handy when I need to make sure the steak I am bar-be-cueing is just right (medium rare…that’s what I prefer) is a pocket thermometer.  It’s a handy little tool that some of the finest chefs use to make their meals come out just right.

I personally like to use the DT-12C model by Maverick Housewares because of it’s ease of use and quick response time.  Of course, if you are making Sunday dinner or that special meal, you would want to use my DT-12C to make sure that roast was cooked to perfection.

So whether you need an oven thermometer or even a handy thermometer for a little sweet dessert baking, there is a thermometer out there that is going to make your life easier and make you look like the great chef that you are or would like to be.

Happy Cooking!

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Jackson Kern