Throughout your week you may ask yourself a variety of questions. Is the roast for tonight’s dinner cooked to a safe temperature? What is the temperature outside? Will I need a jacket or just a sweatshirt? Are there cold spots in the children’s bedrooms? Is the ground ready for my tomato plants? How about the rose bushes I want to plant? How hot is the metal on the slide at the playground? All of these questions can be answered by using the correct thermometer for each particular situation.

ThermometerWe all know the importance of handling meat in a safe way and cooking it to a safe temperature, but unless you have a meat thermometer, you can only guess at its internal temperature. A thermometer with a probe can be inserted directly into the meat to let you know when it’s ready to be served. The CDN DT392 is a thermometer with a temperature sensor located at tip of the stem. This makes it perfect for both thin and thick cuts of beef, chicken breasts, fish fillets, burgers and more. Whether you’re using the oven, microwave, grill, rotisserie, or smoke oven, you can easily check the temperature of the meat before serving it to your family.

If you grow flowers or plant a home vegetable garden, you already know that it can be a lot of work. To avoid disasters like over or under-watering your plants, which can kill them, invest in a soil moisture meter. The GLMM200 by General Tools is easy to use and has a heavy duty probe. It comes with a plant chart and tells you instantly if your plants need to be watered. Every gardener should own a soil¬† moisture meter since it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend time selecting just the right plants and seeds, and just the right spot to plant in, but neglect the important aspect of watering at the right times.

These are just two examples of the many types of thermometers and meters that can make your life simpler. From analog to solar, to digital to wireless and even pocket thermometers, you can find the right thermometers for medical use, checking indoor and outdoor air temperatures, making candy, checking surface temperatures, undertaking lab procedures and many other daily tasks.

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