In this day and age of high technology and all things digital and/or wireless, there is good news when it comes to economy thermometers. Consumers can still have confidence in traditional thermometers at a price that fits any budget. Analog thermometers come in a wide selection of shapes and styles and  can be utilized for measuring outdoor temperatures, indoor temperatures, cooking temperatures and more. Economy thermometers are very affordable making them perfect for shoppers who are looking for a combination of quality and value.

Some analog thermometers operate with a spring and dial while others are made with a tube or bulb that contains a liquid, typically alcohol. The liquid sealed inside the thermometer expands when heated and contracts when cooled. In thermometers equipped with an internal metal spring, the pointer moves up the dial when the spring is heated and expands, then drops back as the spring cools off. Some analog thermometers are made to sit on a built-in stand and others can be hung or mounted to a surface, either indoors or out.

If you use your oven on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen recipes that state oven temperatures may vary. When your oven runs hotter than the set temperature, it has a tendency to burn the outside of the food while the inside remains undercooked. If your oven runs cooler than the set temperature, it means cooking time must be increased. If, like many other people, you own an oven that has a tendency to run hotter or cooler than the set temperature, a thermometer made for ovens may be just the item you need to help you adjust the setting so your recipes will turn out right instead of being over or under-cooked.

The Comark EOT1K Economy Oven Thermometer measures temperatures between 100 F and 600 F (50 C to 300 C ). The EOT1K is made of stainless steel and people like the display because it has bold, easy to read numbers. This economically priced analog thermometer can either hang or stand, whichever you prefer.

Jackson Kern