The technology has improved on the display information that you can get from a weather station, but one inportant aspect with all personal weather stations is that you can’t predict the weather.

They can tell you all about the weather that is happening now, what happened yesterday, even last year, if your system was set up then.  But what they can’t do is tell you the weather in an hour or a day in advance.

No matter how good the technology in the weather station, it can only give you data of the present and past events in the weather, they are unable to foresee into the future.

Systems You can Get
There are different systems that you can purchase; many have similar functions but they all tell you information about the weather, from the very basic outdoor thermometer costing as little as $10, to elaborate weather stations with price tags to match; it will depend on the weather station and the equipment you are buying as to the exact price.

The technology is constantly improving and this has allowed the systems to move forward from the basic barometer that you might have found in your great grandparents’ home, to the modern systems with digital displays and wireless connections.  It is possible for your weather station to connect direct to your computer and upload the information there.  Often these are called wireless weather stations or wireless thermometers but it will depend on the technology of the systems if it has the ability to connect to a computer, sometimes it connects to a digital display.

Why use weather stations
There are different reasons why you might want a weather station, you might be interested in collecting data and recording this data for future generations or it could just be for your personal interest.  Individual data collected of local weather can be used as a measure for keeping historic records of rainfall and hours of sunshine and is often used to determine changes of weather patterns around the world.

Many schools also buy these individual weather stations as a way to interest children in the weather at home and worldwide.  It can be used for class projects or individual study, allowing the development and individual learning in an interesting area of meterology.

You may just want to know what the weather is like before stepping outside.  Whatever your reason for having some way of telling the temperature and the actual weather, it can give many people peace of mind.

Jackson Kern