Artic Conditions

A common question in the winter months is whether a weather station orwireless thermometer will work in extreme cold climates.  The answer is simple:  it depends on how cold of an area you are located in.  Most thermometers will work fine for the majority of the country, but there are areas that have artic conditions where household wireless thermometers or weather stations will just simply not be accurate or even work at all.  You should always go by the recommended guidelines of the manufacturer stated on the instructions or package of the thermometer you are interested in to see if the temperature range will work for your situation.

Some of the reasons that extreme cold effects your thermometer is that the temperature might be too low for the batteries or even the circuitry of the outside receiver unit.  Keep this in mind when you make your decision.

Wireless Accuracy

It’s always nice to know what the temperature is outdoors before you head out, and with a wireless thermometer, you can do just that.  Wireless technology allows you to place the sensor outside and then have a digital readout in most any room in the house.  Most units have a 100 to 300 foot transmission range, which is the distance from the main sensor to the display unit.  This range can vary, depending on what you have placed between the two units that might block the reading.  You will get the most accurate reading when there are less obstructions.  Like most wireless devices a line of site placement is preferred on most models, but not always required. Wireless units also provide other advantages over standard classic or digital thermometers.

*   More diverse temperature range readings (from -39F to over +139F degrees)

*   Advanced digital options such as pressure readings and weather forecasting

*   Higher durability

Consider Advanced Options

If you are looking to tell more than just the temps outside, indoor/outdoor thermometers come with advanced options that can help you plan your winter activities.  Some wireless weather stations monitor both indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and includes a water-proof probe.  Wireless thermometers such as LaCrosse model # WS-9611U as seen above will give your indoor and outdoor temperatures and calculate sun rise and moon phase, and also give indoor humidity readings.

At Digital Thermometers we are always happy to help you find a suitable thermometer.  You’re more than likely going to find not only what you need, but an option that fits your budget with additional bells and whistles.

Jackson Kern